What To Expect When Buying Your First Gun Through A Local Gun Shop Or Dealer

Buying your first gun can be confusing if you have never done it, but working with a dealer that sells guns daily can make things easier. The dealer can walk you through the process and ensure that you understand and meet all the requirements before the sale.

Restrictions And Requirements

Guns for sale through a dealer or gun shop must meet some requirements to ensure the transaction is legal on state and federal levels. While you may assume you can walk into the dealer and leave with a gun, this is not the case. 

Any gun for sale through a dealer requires a background check, and you must meet the legal age requirements in your state to purchase the firearm. If you are under twenty-one years old, you will have a hard time legally purchasing a handgun, and anyone under eighteen can not buy any gun from a gun dealer. These are federal regulations, and firearms dealers can not bypass them, or they can lose the license to sell guns of any kind.

There are also some states that impose further restrictions to make it harder to get a gun quickly. These rules often stem from reactive shootings that happen because someone is angry and acts in the heat of the moment. However, if they have to wait to buy the gun, the hope is they will calm down and not make a poor decision. 

Shooting Your Gun Of Choice

Large gun shops with firing ranges and rental guns that you can use are beneficial. You can go to the shop and rent the model firearm you are considering and shoot it on the range to determine if you like it or want to try out a different gun for sale in the showroom.

Some shops will only charge you for the ammunition you use, because shooting the gun is the best way to determine what is comfortable for you, and going to be the gun you can use daily to protect yourself or take to a range and shoot for relaxation and hobby shooting. 

Once you have a gun for sale selected to purchase, the dealer can help you go through all the paperwork, set you up with ammo, help you choose accessories like a holster, and in some states, help you apply for a permit to carry concealed. Buying a gun is not a simple process, but the rules are there to protect you and restrict people with criminal backgrounds from purchasing firearms. Like everything, the process is not perfect, but working with a good dealer and doing things properly is always the best option when buying your first gun.

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