Why You Should Buy A Coin-Operated Pool Table For Your Home

Coin-operated pool tables are a fixture in arcades and family fun centers, requiring people to insert a specific number of coins before the balls are dispensed and the game can begin. Most people who buy pool tables for their homes choose models without a coin-op system, but it can be fun to think about the value of this feature. If you're in the market for a pool table and you see some old-school coin-op models, you might be thinking of buying one because of how it takes you back to your youth. There are some other reasons beyond nostalgia to think about buying this type of pool table.

Teaching Children About Money

Many parents go to considerable effort to teach their children and earning and spending money. If you have children who are receiving an allowance and who would be excited to play some pool, this can be a good teaching opportunity for you. Children can often struggle to understand the value of money until they're earning it and spending it, and you can use the coin-operated pool table to illustrate this relationship. For example, if a child needs to spend five percent of his or her weekly allowance to play a game of pool, he or she may learn to avoid spending on other things if pool is the main objective.

Tournament Fundraising

The idea of organizing small pool tournaments with your family, friends, and neighbors might be appealing once you get a pool table. While there's nothing wrong with having a tournament without prizes, the stakes can be higher when there's some money on the line. When you have a coin-op pool table, you can charge your tournament participants for each game that they play, and then award the winner with all of the money. If your tournament involves a lot of players playing a lot of games, the prize pot may be substantial.

Offsetting Expenses

Having a pool table means that you may frequently have neighbors and friends dropping over to play a few games. If you're the hospitable type, you might offer your playing partners a drink or even have a few appetizers ready for when they arrive. Doing so can add up financially, however. Using a coin-operated table will make you a small amount of money during each playing session, and you can use this revenue to offset the expenses that you're incurring from hosting your guests.