Six Organization Mistakes To Avoid In Your Tackle Box

If you're not as successful as you'd like to be during your fishing trips, perhaps your problem is a disorganized tackle box. Don't underestimate how detrimental disorganization can be to fishing success.

You need to be able to quickly find the tackle that you need when you're out fishing. The following are six big organization mistakes you can correct to quickly improve your luck when you're fishing. 

Having opaque dividers in place

The more visible your tackle is, the more quickly you'll be able to grab the right items when the fish are biting. For this reason, having transparent dividers in your tackle box is essential.

With transparent dividers, you know exactly where the supplies you need are so that you can get that bait on the hook as quickly as possible. 

Keeping frequently needed tools like pliers in your tackle box

There are some tools that you constantly need to be grabbing while you're fishing. These include pliers and line cutters. If you keep these with all of your other tackle, your tackle is quickly going to become disorganized as you frequently grab for those important tools in a hurry.

You should keep tools you constantly need in your pockets or in wader pouches so you don't have to disturb the contents of your tackle box every time you need them. 

Not putting enough thought into tackle box selection

All tackle boxes aren't created equal. Some are easier to keep organized than others. It's important to envision yourself fishing with a tackle box before you commit to purchasing it to make fishing organization easier. 

Never taking stock of your tackle

If you want to organize your tackle box efficiently, you should start by stocking your tackle box efficiently. This means you should be constantly aware of supplies you're running low on so that you can stock your tackle box all at once.

Whenever a new supply order comes in, you can take the time to place your restocked items in your tackle box in an organized and thoughtful manner. 

Neglecting to use labels sufficiently

Another thing you can do to grab tackle you need easily when you need it is label compartments in your tackle box. This means you won't have to put so much thought into finding tackle items each time you open your box.

Keeping side pouches empty

A lot of fishermen unfortunately overlook the storage space offered in the side pouches of their tackle boxes. Side pouches offer ample space for items that you might not need as often as your tackle, but still like to have handy while you're fishing just in case.

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