The Most-Forgotten-About Essential Component To Any Home Gym

While many gyms are back open now, many Americans have now transitioned to working out at home and have built up the equipment to do this quite well. From weight lifting equipment to cardio-based machines and everything in between, you may have quite a sizeable home gym at this point. However, one thing that so many people who are new to creating a home gym forget is to protect their flooring. If you have been to a regular gym, you likely noticed that most have some rubber flooring or other protection on the ground, and there are good reasons for that which you should also know.

Comfort Levels

A lot of working out involves stretching and activities where you are spread out all over the floor, such as sit-ups, push-ups, mountain climbers, planking, and so on. Doing these intensive workouts on bare concrete is a good way to not only feel extremely uncomfortable while exercising but also potentially injure yourself. Home gym rubber flooring is much more forgiving on your body than outright cement is. You won't be as apprehensive when doing these exercises because you will feel much more comfortable and at home.

Unwittingly Damaging Your House

Whether your home gym is in the garage or basement, you likely are working out on some kind of cement or other hard surface. You picked this area most likely because you reasoned that it is the strongest flooring in the house, and while that may be true to some degree, that does not mean it is impervious to damage. On the contrary, cement can crack quite easily from hard, repeated strikes from strong materials, exactly like you get from a lot of your home workout equipment. Home gym rubber flooring acts as a layer of insulation and protects your floor from long-term damage.

Ease Of Use

Gym rubber flooring is also good for tidying up the area you work out in and keeping it clean. They are very simple to lay down and can fit any space, and they are very grippy so that they will not shift. They often connect in an interlocking pattern similar to a large puzzle and can come in a range of colors to suit the theme of your room, if you have one. When you need to clean them up, they can be hosed down with no worry of decay or any sort of long-term damage. 

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